Class Timetable

8:00 amSaturday Spin
8.45 amMixed Ability Pilates
(Pilates Studio)
Mixed Ability Pilates
(Pilates Studio)
Step, Bums and Tums!Pure Stretch With POWER.
9:15 amPilates/Stretch
9:45amPilates and Stretch Mix
10:00 amMixed Ability Pilates
(Pilates Studio)
RAW Pilates
(Pilates Studio)
Core Blimey
Its Legs Bums and Tums !
Pure StretchMixed Ability
Pilates (Barre Room)
10:15 amMixed Ability Pilates
Weight Loss For Life 6 Week Program
11:15 amPure Stretch
Mixed Ability Pilates
(Pilates Studio)
Pure Stretch
Weight Loss For Life (6-Week Program)
11:30 amChair Based Pilates For Balance and StrengthChair Based Pilates For Balance And Strength
5:30 pmSTEP !KettlercisePre weekend Spin and Tone!
6:00 pm
6:30 pmSpin the Hills!
(Spin room)
Spin to the 80's
6:45 pmRAW Pilates (Pilates Room) & Mixed Ability Pilates (Barre Room)Mixed Ability Pilates.Mixed Ability Pilates
7:00pmMixed Ability PilatesMixed Ability Pilates
7:30pmWeight Loss For Life (6-Week Program)


10:00am – Mixed Ability Pilates

10:15am – Mixed Ability Pilates

11:15am – Pure Stretch

5:30pm – STEP !

6:45pm – RAW Pilates

7:00pm – Mixed Ability Pilates


8:45am – Mixed Ability Pilates

9:45am – Pilates and Stretch Mix

10:00am – RAW Pilates (Pilates Studio)

11:15am – Mixed Ability Pilates (Pilates Studio)

11:30pm – Chair Based Pilates for Balance and Strength

6:30pm – Spin The Hills!

6:45pm – Mixed Ability Pilates

7:30pm – Weight Loss For life Program


8:45am – Mixed Ability Pilates (Pilates Room)

10:00am – Core Blimey Its Legs Bums and Tums !

11:15am – Pure Stretch/Yoga

5:30pm – Kettlercise

6:30pm – Spin to the 80’s

6:45pm – Mixed Ability Pilates


8:45 am – STEP, Bums and Tums (Wood Room)

10:00am – Pure Stretch

11:15am – Weight Loss For Life (6 Week Program)

11:30pm – Chair Based Pilates for Balance and Strength

6:45pm – Mixed Ability Pilates


8:45am – Pure Stretch With POWER.

10:00am – Mixed Ability Pilates (Barre Room)

5:30pm – Pre weekend Spin and Tone!


8:45am – Pure Stretch

9:15am – Pilates/Stretch

10:15am – Weight Loss For Life (6 – Week Program)