Success Stories

I have been coming to the Studio for five years and l love it. There are so many choices in levels of fitness in the class you choose. I personally find spinning and kettles really challenging but after the class l feel great.

The music is brilliant and the people fantastic. Donna keeps us all motivated and although we take it serious there is always an element of fun.

Sharon Osmond

Trish & I have been going to exercise classes since the seventies when she used to teach aerobics. We’ve tried all sorts of classes from 80 in a class downwards and over five counties.

We’ve been members of several Gyms and were founder members of Esporta where we first met Donna. Over the years we’ve come to realise that you don’t need fancy gyms with jacuzzis and plasma screens, what you really need are really good instructors who can design and run good classes.

The Studio is well equipped and offers the full range of classes catering for beginners through to advanced. Personally I wish I had discovered Pilates years ago, too many gyms teach muscle building whereas what we ageing men really need is core strength and flexibility.

Donna’s classes are an ideal combination of professionalism and fun and we recommend them to all our friends.

Paul & Trisha Clarke

I decided to come to The Studio because my GP suggested I did some Pilates or Yoga after being diagnosed with PMR. As the treatment for PMR is steroids, it is important to keep the muscles toned. For my exercise up until then I had always gone jogging but for some time I had thought it would be an idea if I could tone all my different muscle groups so this was the impetus I needed.

I was a little nervous about going to the Studio because I had been to a gym once before and found it very impersonal so I wasn’t really sure how I’d get on. I was worried it was going to be like my first day at school which I hated as I’ve always been a bit shy. I needn’t have worried because Donna your great sense of humour puts us all at ease, exercise really can be fun!

I have gained so much from Donna’s classes where do I start? I have made many new friends and met up with some old too. I feel better about myself and therefore more confident. I think maybe my shape has changed a bit, for the better! Exercise has been good for my PMR although it is still with me I feel this is the year I’ll be able to ditch the steroids: fingers crossed! I feel generally much more positive.

I want to keep my positive mental attitude and I know exercise really helps me to do this. If I didn’t come to the studio I would really miss seeing everyone and I absolutely know I would feel sluggish and middle aged for me it’s a no brainer!

I feel the studio has been so good for me it’s easy to encourage people to come and give it a try. Donna is so friendly and welcoming as are all her lovely staff. You don’t have to be sporty to give it a go or well co-ordinated but you will feel a sense of achievement if you give it a try!


A big thank you to Donna for helping me back on the road to recovery after my recent operation.

I had 4 Pilates sessions at home over 4 weeks starting with half an hour and increasing to an hour. The object of the exercise was to feel a slight pull on the muscles but not pain. Because of Donna’s expertise and my level of fitness built up over the years doing classes, I was able to return to The Studio the following week and started with Tuesday’s and Friday’s Pilates classes. A further advantage was having Wendy at hand to assist me in making sure the moves were correct and I didn’t overstretch.

I can’t thank Donna enough for all the support you have given me both before and after the operation, and would thoroughly recommend The Studio to anyone who is thinking of taking up exercise, returning after taking a break who needs to strengthen parts of the body after an injury or having surgery. There is an extensive timetable to suit ladies and gents of all ages and fitness levels and the best advice is given to suit individuals needs. Importantly, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the people that attend are very friendly.

Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to Donna for mentioning Huw Hurley from the Hurley Clinic, Staplegrove Road in her January newsletter. Huw being a very experienced therapist quickly diagnosed the problem with the muscles in my leg, and after having 2 treatments I am pleased to say that i have not had any further problems.
It’s lovely to be back at The Studio and I would like to thank all of my friends for their enquiries, messages, cards and support during my recovery.

Yvonne Boase

The things that keep me grinning, Are Pilates, stretch and spinning.
They’re good for core strength, Muscle tone and body length.
But gyms, I’ve always hated, Cos’ i couldn’t keep motivated.
On Monday it starts at eleven, And on Tuesdays at twenty to seven.
Monday’s with Wendy for stretch before lunch, A class full of ladies – a sociable bunch.
Tuesday, it’s spinning, the toughest yet, Legs like lead, and dripping with sweat.
I put on my joggers and daps, and spin like hell until I collapse.
Dave Wood is such a hard task master, With 80’s music! and yelling ‘go faster’.
Then at ten to seven on Thursday night, It’s the end of my week and I’m feelin’ alright.
It’s Rachael’s class for mixed ability, For general wellbeing and stability.
So here again is another rhyme, About the Studio, and how I spend my time.

Curly Steve

I first came to The Studio because I needed a sense of purpose, a reason to get out and face a challenge.

Life sometimes throws a curved ball at you so I wanted to be inspired and uplifted.

Apprehensive about the people I was about to meet and my physical capability as I am a slightly more mature lady in body, but not in mind !!

I quickly gained confidence and an ability to exercise my body.

I go to The Studio because of the friendly atmosphere from all the people connected with the classes.

I would say to anyone interested in improving mind and body.

Come along and experience the friendly atmosphere, you will join a group of people who care about the individual and take a great deal of trouble to make you feel welcome.


A fabulous review from the lovely Margaret….

I came to The Studio not really understanding what it was all about but felt that I needed to do some sort of exercise and thought that this might be a good place to start.

I was exercise shy and not sure that I would be able to cope with the classes having not done much exercise for a long time. I was afraid it would be too intense and that I would be unable to meet the physical standard. I very soon discovered that my fears were unsubstantiated. With the expert guidance from Donna and her team I soon realised that I could achieve a level of exercise that was right for me.

Donnas expert tuition guides everyone to achieve their own potential. During the classes each persons ability is taken into consideration and they are guided to reach the level that is appropriate for them. 3 years ago I had Major surgery and I was unsure if I would ever be able to return to The Studio but after a period of recovery decided I would try to return to the classes. I was surprised how quickly I managed to re engage with the programme and how much better I feel after each session. This was due to being in a safe environment and with Donnas expert support and guidance it has enabled me to continue at a level which is appropriate for me. This is an indication of Donnas understanding of everyone’s fitness levels and health issues. From rehabilitation to those who are really fit and can cope with more rigorous exercise.

If anyone has any doubts over their ability to join the Studio I would certainly say give it a go. There are plenty of classes to choose from that suit all abilities. You will find The Studio a very friendly and happy place and you will certainly feel so much healthier and with a great sense of achievement after attending the classes.


Another Great Success Story from one of our amazing clients!

I have gone to the gym religiously three times a week for many years, when I moved back to Taunton lets just say I went to the bigger clubs and decided I wanted to do more classes as I was getting bored of the routine, and knew I needed to change my exercise plan to keep me motivated, at first it was ok, but within a few years the club had changed hands three times and the continuity of the classes were lacking and also the general hygiene was going downhill rapidly, so it was time for a change. After talking to a friend she advised me to give The Studio a go.

It’s always a bit nerve racking walking in somewhere new, but I can honestly say I was made to feel very welcome not just by Donna but also from the others members of the class, and it’s like that every time you go, ” Morning Sallyann, what have you been up to? plans for our weekends discussed, the world put to rights! haha!

I love my classes, it keeps me motivated, I am doing 2 Spining classes a week, which I swore I would never do after a bad experience elsewhere, I love my Pilates twice a week, I have made some lovely new friends, but most of all I feel part of something special, it’s so much more personal, something you don’t get from the bigger brands.

Exercise should be fun and this is exactly what you get from The Studio, great teachers, lovely people, fantastic atmosphere, good equipment and always lovely and clean why would you not return.

To anyone thinking about joining don’t think about it, Just do it !


I came to the Studio because I’d been enjoying Pilates for a couple of years but I felt the classes I went to elsewhere each week had become a bit ‘stale’. I had a free complimentary taster class at your Raw Pilates class and really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was lovely, warm and friendly and fun.

I think, if any, my only reservations would have been whether people would be a bit ‘cliquey’, or not very welcoming but that would’ve stemmed from my own lack of self-confidence and that initial having to walk into a room full of people that I didn’t know. I needn’t have worried though, you made me feel welcome straightaway.

As well as Raw Pilates I’ve gradually added spinning, kettles and ‘ordinary’ Pilates classes to my exercise week and enjoy them all (even Dave’s spinning!) I feel fitter and my jeans definitely fit better but I’ve also met new people and made new friends.

I’ve been to different gym’s over the years, and enjoyed using weights at the time, but now I’m at the Studio I have a good balance of strength and cardiovascular exercise. All of the instructors I’ve had at the Studio manage to have the professional/friendly balance just right and are all enthusiastic and motivational teachers who want everyone to get the best out of the class.

The Studio is a great place to exercise and to anyone who is interested in joining the classes I would say go along and try a class – when I initially decided to give spinning a go, during my first class I thought ‘what am I doing here!!’ but as I’d paid for a five week course I was determined not to be beaten. The instructor at that time offered guidance and encouragement and I went at my own pace. By the end of the five weeks I was hooked.

These days I can just about cope with a one week break from classes, but by the end of a two week break I can’t wait to get back into it again, even during the cold, dark, wet winter months.


I joined the studio because I wanted to have a healthy body, to get back into my wardrobe of clothes and everything was beginning to feel a bit tight.

At the beginning I was worried I wouldn’t know anyone and couldn’t keep up with the classes, how wrong was I! Everyone was extremely friendly and I am so glad I joined, I have met so many fantastic people!

I have gained a better understanding of my own body and how it works with the benefits of exercise, a change in body shape, more confidence, I feel energised and have met friendly, fantastic like-minded people.

I keep returning to The Studio because of the teaching and the variety classes that are on offer, The Studio provides a motivating place to go, I attend the step, raw pilates and stretch classes which give me a good all around exercise plan which suits my lifestyle. I have made an amazing group of people and look forward to going.

If you are thinking about joining The Studio definitely join the classes and you wont look back!


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