Incredible and Inspirational are the two words that immediately spring to mind when thinking about Roger and his 24-hour non-stop walk!
He really is a remarkable man!

Roger started off well at 9am on Friday morning and lasted about 4 hours before the treadmill overheated.😂 
We moved him upstairs to our other machine and then alternated between the two through-out the 24 hours. There were around 20 people visiting at 8pm so we ordered in a fabulous Indian Meal for us all (Except Roger who just kept walking). It was a lovely, happy, fun few hours. From 2am to 3am Roger and I went walking around the town and that was an experience to say the least! Keeley spent from 3am with Roger in which they both enjoyed all the trashy TV that was showing. It appears they were both a bit grouchy through tiredness by 5.30, so Dave took over and Roger just kept motoring on! From 6am more friends and family started to arrive and everyone kept him motivated until we counted Roger down at 9am on Saturday Morning.

Sarah then spoilt everyone with Bacon Butties and Fried Egg rolls for around 20 people and I must say by then, Roger was dying for a cup of tea.

Did Roger go home then? No, Roger left his car at the studio and went on a training course all day to become a Street Pastor! Quite unbelievable, He truly is a Machine!

I saw him around 4pm when the course had finished and I can honestly say he looked wasted! He could barely walk but true to Rogers nature, he was still cracking a Joke.

Rogers generous walk raised £656.00 in total for ‘Stand Against Violence’. We will leave the money tins out fort the rest of this week in case you didn’t get chance to sponsor him and would still like to put a £1 or £2 in the pot.
A huge Thank you to Claire Kimber for working with Roger on his nutritional requirements as it made a huge difference to how he felt and the success of this non-stop walk!

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